Thursday, September 22, 2011

Occupy Mainstreet

Occupy Mainstreet

A hooded figure steps out in front of an assembly of men.  Some of the audience appear lizard like, others are much more human.  The hooded figure steps in front of a podium.  We see his beady eyes and large nose.  A wisp of silver hair shows above his eyes.

Today I welcome all delegates from their respective worlds.  To my left we have the shiny headed Blankfein [shot of Blankfein smiling and drooling], and to my right we have John Mack who has helped build our empire from the ground up [crowd applause].

I would like to start by saying our plan is near complete.  We have brainwashed much of Earth into trying to act cool, and not care.  Their minds and hearts have been dulled, which has allowed us to make it to where we are today.  Soon, very soon, we will have our New World Order, where our Banking Houses have total control of the money supply and wealth distribution [crowd cheers, the speaker waves for silence].  Soon, victory will be ours [the crowd begins to cheer again].  Soon, our New World Order will be complete!

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