Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bernanke's Gold

"What's this?"

Bernanke had been wandering around the basement of the Federal Reserve.  He was carrying an oil lamp and he was wearing a cloak.

"Could it be?"

He had found a map of the basement in a vault upstairs in his office which showed the building for the labyrinth that it is.  The map should that below the building were thousands of corridors leading to more corridors where many treasures were to be found.

One room had Geronimo's skull, which had been housed in the Tomb on Yale's campus, but apparently was  safely stored below DC.  Another room had one of Lincoln's top hats along with a bullet in a glass jar with "That's for screwing my wife, Jack" written on a piece of tape on the side of the jar.  The latest room Bernanke had crept into was dusty and had what looked like an alchemists cauldron.  In the cauldron was a stack of papers.  Each paper said, "United States Treasury:  Certificate of Gold".

"I found them!  I found the gold certificates!"

Bernanke was excited and scampered up the steps.  He knew just what to do with all of his new found paper gold.

"Now I can lease them and releverage the Fiat Ponzi!  Oh the Masters will be so pleased with all of the liquidity that I will provide!  Yippee!!!"


  1. Doofus. Shoulda read the back that tells WHERE TO REDEEM lol!

  2. I thought Geithner actually leased the Gold, at the last price spike $1920 range. Then the prices tanked, by design...