Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dem Guns

The crisp winter air whipped past the Senator as she walked up Capitol Hill.  Her hair, sprayed taut with aerosal, is the only thing about her that has never flopped around.  Today, after years of saying she supports the Second Amendment, she is on the Hill promoting her new bill to ban semi-automatic guns.

"Guns kill people!  We must have a mature talk about this.  If we don't, innocent people will continue to die."

To John, a reporter covering the speech, this sounded more like a threat than reasoning.  John has a few guns himself and always wondered how much safer he would be if he had to walk around DC unarmed.

"We need to take guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them!"

"How do we judge who shouldn't have guns?"  John asked himself.

He knew the answer would be vauge, as politics always is.  The line in the sand that kept felons from being gun owners changed to three strikes and you're out.  Then the meme became veterans.  Now it appears to be anyone not wearing a badge.

"Great.  Now it will be only cops and robbers who have them.  The rest of us can hide under our sofas and wait for the men in blue."

John closed his notebook and caught a taxi back to his  office.

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