Thursday, January 13, 2011

BS Floats

"Ok, so now that we have established that it has all gone to plan, we have robots that will take over our lives, and we are all moving to the caymens."  BS knew that this day would come.  After all of these "meetings" with Congress, he had become very tired.  'God I need a hit of Peyote right about now', he thought.  Then out of nowhere Janet Yeelin quipped, "Shit!  I forgot my swimsuit!"  "I'm not going."  Announced Hoenig.  "We are all going."  Replied BS.  "No I'm not going, I'm staying here."  "Hes crazy!  What are you going to do here?  Burn with the serfs?  Well, whatever then, give me your swimsuit."  "I didn't bring a swimsuit."  "Well I need a swimsuit!  Someone give me a swimsuit!"

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