Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Silver Plan

Back then I was nieve.  But I had a plan.....

Gold to be FDR'd.
Bye Gold.  Buy Silver.

Mad Max:

How many times have you posted this in the last 4 hours?  10?  15???  Why?

I apologize if you do not like.  I have merely used it at the ends of posts for point not punt, this one withstanding.  I have heard gold, gold, gold, but not silver.  Ruby slippers?  No.  Silver.  Thanks for the comment.  I guess I made my point.

Mad Max:

They're both good options, I think.  I was wondering if you were here solely to hawk silver though.
Palladium, platinum, copper...???

I wish I had enough to hawk.
Your Question "Pall, plat, cop."?  Yes yes yes.  Still, I think silver offers portability along with "worth".  When the time comes, lets say five years, I see common business done with silver, with states holding silver/gold/platinum (precious metals etc) reserves and backing currency by it (state banks should be opened as soon as everyone figures out Bernnkes first two initials are BS!).  Worst case senerio, Mad Max, there will be no decent currency, then groceries, gas, etc, exchanges will best be done in Silver.  Gold coins at the coffee shop?  I think not.  Baum put it best (paraphrase) "Dorathy clicked her silver shoes thrice, and was back in Kansas."  Once the DoeLar is devalued (think Yuan unpegged) metals all spike, then gold is FDR'd, they all spike again.  You, holding silver (any metal?) still have your assets, and got two plush spikes.  Buy silver?  The Rothschildes did (ishares silver trust tiker SLV, Barclays)  Buy Silver ;)

If it goes at all, it certainly won't go willingly, and it will be a hell of a fight to get it.
I am Chumbawamba.


Silver Bitches!

The rest of the convo is absolutely off the wall. 

I see Robo's Wildebeasts, running out, running in. Running to a Gold ETF (sigh). They just don't get it, and will not, literally, when they need it.
Long hard physical baby.
You have to check it out!

And The 2009 ETF Winner Is...: 

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