Thursday, January 13, 2011

"This hole's too deep! Keep digging!"

"To China."  Yelled BS as he raised his silver shovel above his head. 

"Tee Cheenie!  Yeeeeeahhhh!"  Screamed Timmah.  His shovel was plastic. 

"Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta Chi-Chi-Chi-Chi..." Hank kept stumbling along as She La Bear interupted and leaned on her shovel, "Hank, where is YOUR shovel?  Oh never mind.  Where is Green-Span?" 

Out from the sky 'ol Greenie came, paraCHUTE in tow after the others caught him at landing.  He could barely stand.  "Lets do this."  Greenie said  with a wimsical expression as he wet his lips.  He was followed by the Romers, who did not exaclty make a gracefull landing either. 

"Ugh.  [Fart noise]  Sorry we're late," said the plump Mrs.  She was smiling, like ALWAYS.  "We had all the soda and candy loaded up when Larry took off with the stash.  While we stole the candy from wall mart he was fast asleep in the parking lot the whole time, but after we had it in the van he sped off!" 

"No need for that," quipped BS as he passed around a pipe.  "I've got a little more peyote left." 

Timmah stared wild eyed around him with a look of rapture.  He was dressed in uniform, with a shredded American flag bandana around his frizzly hair.  Then he screamed once more and began digging.  "Twwwwooooo Chaaaanaaa!"

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