Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Life of a Popcorn Boy

The Life of a Popcorn Boy
Who would have ever known DXY 80 would be so exciting!  Bernanke buying the popcorn, serve it up Geithner!  "Get your PoPcoRNNNN!"  Said little Timmah as he waded through the crowd.  So far he had made double what he did last year at the same event.  Bernanke waved him over to his seat up high above the floor.  Timmah climbed the stairs and stepped up in front of him.  "Golly gee Mr Bernanke, this year's QE is really something!"  "Yes Timmah," Ben said as he thumbed some greenbacks.  "We have put on quite the show."  Ben's face was expressionless as he handed over the cash.  Timmah handed him a bag.  "Thanks for the popcorn."  "You're welcome Mr Bernanke, have a nice day!"  Timmah tipped his cap with those words and spun back down the steps.  His mind was racing.   He wondered if he could benefit by selling more popcorn at a lower price.  Then he thought maybe he would accept Yuan and SDRs for his popcorn too.  'Golly this is so easy.'  He thought.
Back in the skybox Bernanke was chowing down and watching the QE thumb through the market like a slow and over-sized running back does.  "He needs his blockers to step up!"  Said Brian P Sack.  "Fu-uh-uh-uh-uh-king blockers!"  Stammered Hank the Crank Paulson from a stool as he wacked the counter on the window looking onto the field.  Bernanke quietly ate fistfuls of fluffy kernals.  His eyes were on the coach, who was playing this game unuasually conservative.  "What do you think we should do Bernanke?"  Asked P Sack.  Sack walked over and pinched out of Bernanke's bag.  "We have to get the ball to the Banks any way possible.  I think we should use the Helicopter formation."
The next play was for a loss.  And the defense took over.  Obama was the defensive coordinator and locked down the opposing team 3 and out.  Thus far his defense had held up his end of the bargain, only allowing Gold to get to $1425.  It was the Bankers turn on offense, and they needed to score.  They needed a rally, but Gold had already gotten ahead of them.  The margin could only be made up if the Dow rallied.  The dollar would need to be trotted out even though it had just had a concussion by Gold's defense.
The Precious-Metals had not lost to the Bankers in a decade.  The head coach, Blankkfein, needed his offensive coordinator, Gross to do something.  He was reminded of the meeting he had with owner Bernanke before the game.  'He would run the Helicopter.'  He signaled to the QB to run Helicopter.  Dimon went under center and called the play.
With not much time left and many points to score, Dimon threw a hail mary.  They would need a score and to recover an onside kick.  With the clock winding down it looks bleak for the Bankers.
Timmah stood under the tunnel and watched from afar.  He had put his popcorn basket up in the storage room and cashed out.  The full capacity crowd had demanded a lot of popcorn.

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