Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A cold January Night

It was a cold January night when Paul Adolf Volker was called into the Oval Office.  He had been summoned because it was he who slew the inflation dragon of the 80's.  Earlier that night, President Obama had sat down by the fire with a hot cup of Coco feeling something was not right with his economic policy.  "What could it be?" he asked.  "I have given tens of trillions of dollars to Walled St, I have let the Sarkozy brothers sleep with Michelle, and I wax BS Bernanke's head twice a day.  What could I do differently to help the American people?"  He had almost finished the drink when at last he realized it.  "I will summone Mr. Volker and listen to him!"  
Now that the man had arrived, Barrok asked him, "Mr. Volker, what can we do to help the American people?"  To that Paul A. Volker responded, "BAAAAAAAAAAWAABBAAAWAABBAAAWAABBAA!"
Once a puppet, always a puppet.  Obama did not learn fiscal and monetary policy overnight.

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